Structure and Agenda of the Summit

The meeting will be held as a three-day event, inclusive of the Global NGO Awards ceremony and closing reception that will hold on April 29, and an exhibition that will take place in conjunction with the main Summit on the 29 & 30 April, 2019, at the same venue in Brussels.

The proposed structure of the meeting on Enhancing Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development is as follows:

  • Opening: A brief introduction on the linkages between the SDGs, peace and human security, gender quality, social protection and sustainable development; 
  • Session 1: New policy options as enablers for national and regional innovative systems contributing to the achievement of the SDGs and sustainable development around the world; 
  • Session 2: National and regional case studies, including lessons learned and good practices on effective development policies/approaches for promoting best practices contributing to the SDGs and sustainable development with a focus on identifying potential synergies and national and regional solutions to common problems – e.g. security, climate change, and adaptation of technology, humanitarian crises, etc.
  • Session 3: National and regional perspectives, priorities, and potential solutions on using effective policy options to promote climate change resilience, public-private partnerships, and alternative financing for achieving the SDGs and sustainable development: this session will draw from the discussion of regional case studies of the previous session; 
  • Session 4: Main national and regional messages and policy recommendations to be transmitted to NGO sector regulators, global and regional leaders, UN agencies and other development stakeholders and NGO partners. 

Timetable at a Glance

The Summit, as scheduled for both days (29 & 30 April), will run as follows:

  • 0800 – 0845-Networking Tea and Registration
  • 0900 – 1030-Session One and official launching 
  • 1030 – 1055-Morning Tea and Group Photo
  • 1100 – 1230-Session Two
  • 1230 – 1330-Lunch
  • 1330 – 1500-Session Three
  • 1500 – 1530-Session Four
  • 1530 – 1555 Afternoon Networking Tea break
  • 1600 – 1700-Q&A and Summary Session

All sessions will be organised as round table discussion with the participation of a broad range of stakeholders – from policymakers, to practitioners, academics, NGOs, business sector, and relevant UN agencies – to incorporate diverse perspectives and facilitate an interactive debate.  

Agenda Enquiries

If you have any questions or enquiries about the Agenda, kindly email us at