Background and Profile of the Global NGO Awards

The inaugural Global NGO Awards will serve as a major international platform to select, recognise and celebrate notable civil society activists, leading NGOs, development practitioners and humanitarian actors and well performing public institutions and international organisations that have truly made a difference in the public and private sectors, and those that have contributed to the excellence and advancement of socioeconomic development and prosperity in local communities across the world. The Awards will honour innovators and pioneers, rising stars, good corporate citizens, social entrepreneurs, cutting-edge organisations and outstanding performers for outstanding achievements within the public and private sectors in their home communities and abroad.

The main objective is “to honour distinguished organisations, companies and professionals that have raised the benchmarks of competence and dedication, setting new standards of excellence and innovation, and demonstrated unprecedented level of leadership in both the public and private sectors in around the world.” The Awards will be a platform organised exclusively to recognise exemplary leadership, innovation and demonstrated support and commitment to professional ethics and best practices, and as such, honourees will be respectfully required to attend to receive this recognition. 

The Awards Committee will select leading local and national NGOs and their foreign counterparts, both across the world and in local communities who exemplify through their leadership excellence, hard work, innovation and commitment, above and beyond their expected responsibilities, the principles upon which the Global NGO Awards are founded. 

The inaugural awards ceremony will be held in conjunction with the Global NGO Summit at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, at the closing reception and awards banquet night on 30 April, 2019, beginning at 6 PM with a reception followed by a gala dinner.

Contact Us for Details

Additional information will become available soon. For any enquiries, kindly contact us at awards@globalngocouncil.org.

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