Partnership Opportunities

Event Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

The Global NGO Summit is an NGO sector-driven initiative; planned by and for the global NGO sector. However, the organisers of the event are open to proposals for new partners to join the efforts in making the initiative a success and sustainable in the long term. Interested organisations in both the public and private sectors, including corporations, donor institutions, local councils, consultancy firms, development agencies, government and international organisations and local, national, and international NGOs, and regulators in communities across the world are welcome to have a stake in this important initiative. Partnerships and opportunities will be mutually beneficial taking into consideration the importance of the event and the issues it seeks to address now and in the future. 

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits 

Partners and Sponsors will receive an unprecedented level of exposure to all attendees from the host country, overseas delegates, and multinational representatives from international NGOs, companies and United Nations agencies from around the world expected to attend. The key selling points for these sponsorship:

  • Visibility: This is an unprecedented opportunity to be in front of influential leaders and policymakers, chief executives and their business and civil society organisations. For companies that do business or organisations operating in all or most of European countries, this is an economical way to reach this top audience.
  • Message: This is an opportunity for the Chairman/CEO of your organisation or company to speak to an international audience and to convey the message directly to European and multinational companies and NGOs.
  • Relationships: This two-day event gives sponsors a chance to mingle with and get to know the political, civil society and business leaders in the international community at large, and to develop long-lasting relationships.
  • Support from Government: This is an event planned with support from partner government agencies. Fundamentally, the Global NGO Summit is about public-private partnerships and effective leadership for sustainable development and economic growth in the world, through collaboration on current issues and challenges facing the world’s socioeconomic growth and human development.

The Event Organising Committee now seeks commitments in the form of written expressions of interest on or before January 31, 2019, and will commence event promotion and audience generation on February 28, 2019. 

Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits

The Global NGO Summit, Expo & Awards is a prime opportunity to get your company or organisation in front of a powerful group of the world’s most influential civil society, corporate and political leaders and other prominent thinkers and policy influencers and brand your organisation with the event. Our sponsorship opportunities offer a broad range of benefits, including networking, branding, product and service displays, and increased exposure to the Global NGO Council partner publications and collaborators across Europe and the world over. This is your company’s opportunity to put your corporate presence in front of them all at once.

The 2019 Global NGO Summit, Expo & Awards will also be a historic opportunity for those wise enough to harness the power of this rare gathering of interests.

There are limited opportunities for corporations, government agencies, professional associations, NGOs, business organisations, and other stakeholders to serve as sponsoring partners of the 2019 Global NGO Summit, Expo & Awards. Eight sponsorship categories provide a path for support of this year’s summit, expo and awards ceremony. This is your opportunity to benefit from the extraordinary power, prestige and stature of this event. 

Act now: 2019 Global NGO Summit, Expo & Awards will almost certainly be oversubscribed. Only by responding by the due date of 31 January, 2019, can you increase your prospects of becoming a Sponsoring Partner.

Please email the Sponsorship Team at or download the sponsorship brochure and reservation form listed below.

Partnership or Sponsorship Enquiries

To explore possible partnership opportunities or to serve as a sponsor of the Global NGO Summit, Expo & Awards, kindly get in touch. 

Partnership & Sponsorship Enquiries

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