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Invited speakers for the Global NGO Summit are leading national, regional and international subject-matter experts, eminent civil society activists, and professionals in development and humanitarian areas and other key sectors and thematic issues the event covers. The 2019 Global NGO Summit will bring together top non-profit CEOs, leading business executives, and senior management consultants, development practitioners and humanitarian actors from leading international NGOs, development agencies and humanitarian organisations, donor agencies, key private sector organisations, consultancies, and senior government officials heading policy formulation, regulatory, and law enforcement agencies, including education, health and sanitation, water resources, gender and social welfare, banking & finance, energy, agriculture, and technology.

With 30+ Speakers to discuss key issues on Global Development Cooperation for Sustainable Development, including: 

  • Global Changing Development Outlook To 2030
  • The current State of Global Development 
  • Achieving Sustainable Human Development – from Outputs to Outcomes
  • Giant Financial Leadership Role in Regional and Global Development 
  • Financing Development, Humanitarian and Innovative Actions
  • Improvement in the global NGO/CSO Sectors – Changing Factors and Sustainability
  • Private Foundations and Alternative Funding Sources for Sustainable Development
  • Participatory-Partnerships with NGOs as Active Partners 
  • Long-term and Mega Projects Funding, such as Education, Health, Water and Sanitation, Children, Disability, Agriculture and Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality 
  • Financing NGOs/CSOs & Projects, and emerging trends 
  • Financing Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Initiatives 
  • Geopolitics, Investment, Development Agencies, Emerging Powers
  • National, Regional and Global Development Policy Planning, Implementations, Outcomes 
  • Peace and Human Security, Social Protection, and Development Challenges 
  • Constraints, Building Bridges, New Opportunities, Future 
  • Global Partnership Future, and Financing General-Y Projects 
  • Global Funding Mix & New Opportunities for Realising the SDGs at Global Levels. 

However, full list and biographies of the confirmed speakers will be available soon. Kindly check back on this website for updates on the speakers and other resource persons.

To speak at the event or to recommend or suggest a speaker, kindly contact us at summit@globalngocouncil.org or speakers@globalngocouncil.org. Many thanks.

Speaker Enquiries

The full list of confirmed speakers, including biographies and photos, will become available on this page  by end of February. However, for  speaking opportunities at the event or to recommend or suggest a speaker, kindly contact us at speakers@globalngocouncil.org

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