Corporate Profile of the Global NGO Summit

The Global NGO Summit will be the largest gathering of development and humanitarian professionals, political leaders, senior government officials, donor agencies and other key stakeholders from all corners across the world to converge, network, and share ideas on crucial developmental issues affecting the world, and the most pressing challenges facing local, national, regional and international NGOs operating in local communities  around the globe. 

The Summit will convene leaders and representatives from a variety of sectors, including competent national, regional and international expert speakers and resource persons, research fellows and academia in the third sector and chief executives of leading international NGOs and civil society organisations will deliver papers on the above and many other topical issues related to these NGOs operating at national, regional and global levels. 

Furthermore, the event will feature diverse workshops and high-level plenary sessions. The 2019 Global NGO Summit will create a stimulating environment for participants to engage with colleagues and partners from a variety of sectors to forge common solutions to pressing national, regional and global development and humanitarian challenges. In pursuit of this however, the Summit will focus on issues affecting the third sector across worldwide; provide information on NGO networking and connectivity; address health and environmental hazards; cultivate open interactions with peers and frank dialogues with policymakers; strengthen alliances and networking platforms; and examine areas of growth and development for donor-NGO relationships as well as provide the resources for NGO management, governance and leadership. 

However, it is anticipated that over 1,000 attendees representing local, regional and international NGOs, government agencies, the donor/philanthropic and diplomatic community, corporations, and international civil society will participate in the Summit. In addition to networking, the two-day event will offer a series of workshop tracks specifically designed for attendees at different stages in their careers—including a CEO/Headquarter track, a National Director track, and topical tracks for professional staff. The Summit will also feature an exhibit hall where attendees can see NGO and partner products and services, and new technologies and solutions that are changing the way we all work.

Objectives of the Event

The key objectives of the Global NGO Summit are:

  • To create a unique meeting point for participants to dialogue and share innovative ideas and best practices as well as build strategic partnerships that can help NGOs and their partners better fulfill their missions.   
  • To recognise the spirit of volunteerism and activism among NGOs, individuals and other stakeholders and acknowledge their role and effectiveness in their communities around the world.   
  • To provide opportunities for NGO, donor and government representatives to introduce their organisation or discuss their activities, concerns and challenges where experts provide guidance on practical topics of importance to them.
  • To create a platform where attendees can see NGO and partner products and services, and new technologies and solutions that are changing the way we all work.

Participants Profile: Who Will Attend

Over 1,000 participants are anticipated to participate in the meeting. Delegates will be primarily those individuals and NGOs working in emergencies and other humanitarian settings, development programming and implementation and climate change actions in local communities around the world. However, a limited number of partner organisations in the private sector will be invited to attend and share their knowledge and experiences with the NGO delegates. Target participants include: 

  • Senior-level policy makers from national and regional parliamentary bodies and those involved in policy development and the implementation of national and regional and global development strategies;
  • Government Ministers and regulatory authorities and parastatals 
  • Heads of local government agencies working at country-level on the theme of the meeting 
  • Representatives of civil society organisations and national, regional and international NGOs 
  • Heads of national development agencies and finance institutions and allied institutions 
  • Foreign and domestic banks and their specialised subsidiaries 
  • Allied financial services providers, including money transfer companies 
  • NGO service and supply companies, and service providers 
  • Senior executives of international organisations and their representatives and missions 
  • Corporates: Asset managers, Law Firms, Advisors & Auditors 
  • Suppliers, manufactures, distributing agents, development commissioners 
  • Representatives from academia, research centres, and development schools 
  • Representatives from professional associations, trade unions, and chambers of commerce 
  • Co-operating partners and media practitioners and institutions 
  • Other key Stakeholders

Why You should Attend: Benefits for Attending the Event 

The Global NGO Summit & Awards will be the leading source of information on the sustainable development cooperation for NGOs, and financial landscape, technology, business development and operating expertise for every NGO, foundation or government agency or donor institution worldwide. Planned and coordinated by and for the non-profit sector and the civil society community combined, it provides an opportunity for policymakers, donors, development partners, NGO professionals, service providers and beneficiaries to interact and deliberate on challenges, innovation, and durable solutions the NGO sector worldwide. The Summit will be the most significant global NGO/civil society leaders and stakeholder gathering because it will enable you to network, connect, share and participate in this annual event. 

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This Corporate Profile gives you background information and a full details about the Global NGO Summit. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please contact Rebecca Paulson, Summit Coordinator, and Senior Vice President for Europe and Central Asia via email rebecca.paulson@globalngocouncil.org or summit@globalngocouncil.org.